Parking at the UCM

The United Campus Ministry building features a private parking lot right next to Texas State. The primary purpose of this lot is to support the ministry of the UCM.  

Permit stickers are REQUIRED to park anywhere in the lot. Towing is enforced to make sure parking is available for the purpose of the ministry.

  • Reserved Parking Spaces are available for rent from the UCM. There is a limited number of spaces and we often run a waiting list.
2018-2019 Permit Pricing Year Semester Monthly
UCM Reserved Space $695 $395 $105
compare with Texas State Reserved Permit $825 $550 (Spring only) Not Available
  • UCM Students can receive student member permits valid during specific ministry events of the UCM.
  • Organizations can rent the UCM parking lot to support special events they may offer on/near campus. Rates based on time and number of spaces.

If you would like to learn more about parking, please complete the following form.

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