Student Membership

At the UCM, all students are welcome to particpate in our ministry life together. You are invited to worship, study, serve, and simpy have fun with us!  

At some point, you may find the UCM an important part of your faith journey. We offer optional student membership based in five foundations of ongoing Christian growth: prayer, worship, generosity, service, and invitation.

These spritual disciplines form the path of Christian discipleship toward becoming deeply-committed Christians. We believe fulfilling these commitments will change your life in powerful ways and will bring you meaning and joy. 

When you decide to make these individual committments, the UCM realizes it also commits to supporting and encouraging you aloing this path. For each personal committment, the UCM makes a corresponding promise to you.

Grow in your faith by prayer and study.
Develop a personal relationship with God through regular prayer and participate in small group Bible study. A rich personal prayer life keeps you open to how God is at work in your life. Joining a small group will contribute to your faith journey by helping you make friends - knowing just one or two other people makes a church feel more like home.  

Worship with us in person when possible. 
Attending worship gives you an opportunity to re-center your life, give God honor and glory, and remember what is really important in life. In worship, you grow to know God more deeply, and you express your love to God.  

Regularly donate to the UCM ministry. 
Giving regularly not only supports the ministry work of the UCM, but more importantly, gives God priority in your life. One way to determine what people really care about is to review where they spend their money. The biblical witness is to donate a tithe (10% of all income). We we suggest students set a goal of $21 a month but can start at even $1 at month. This may take time to grow into the commitment, but what is most important is simply the habit of regular monthly giving. It is easy to donate online at You will be blessed at how generousity transforms your life. 

Serve both inside and outside the walls of the UCM.
The Holy Spirit gives each person spiritual gifts and natural abilities that we can use to serve others and glorify God. We are all invited to carry on Christ’s mission in the world, to meet the needs of the people. Whether you are gifted in teaching, helping, encouraging or something else, God is counting on you to touch the lives of others as you serve God.

Invite others to the ministiry life of the UCM! 
We are called to share our good news with others. Often we think this means awkward conversations, but it doesn’t (and shouldn’t) have to be like that. Sharing your faith with those around you through words and actions helps us grow deeper in our love for God and others. 

To join, complete our student membership form.

You can return it to Pastor Todd at worship, study, during the week, or even email a scanned copy to  If you have any questions, you are encouraged to ask Todd!  Conversations will be confidential. The whole goal of membership is to intentionally and joyfully grow in the grace of Jesus Chirst.

Student members can also request a free UCM tshirt as well as a student parking pass.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I have to be a member to participate?

No. All Texas State students are invited to fully participate in UCM ministry and events. Membership is optional for people who want to make the intentional commitment to grow spiritual through the UCM.  Some people become members the first time they visit the UCM, other join after they explore the UCM a while, and still others are regularly involved with UCM but never become members. However you prayfully discern how to participate with the UCM - you will be fully welcomed!

What if I'm not able to keep every one of these promises?

It's ok! There may be times and circumstances we're simply not able to fully live into membership vows. We may be unable to attend worship one month, you may have unexpected financial pressures, or you miss a chance to volunteer in the community.  But it's ok. We travel a path of grace. We're here to help encourage and support you as we walk this path together! 

What if I'm a member of other churches or student ministries?

Great! The Holy Spirit moves among the body of believers and united the many ministries and student organizations. You are welcome to join the UCM as a student member to make us one of our spiritual homes at Texas State.