Roommates + Relationships

Healthy relationships take practice.

At the UCM, we strive to be in right relationship with God and right relationship with each other.  We work on these relationships through our worship life, our prayer life, our small groups, and our retreats. 

There are also special relationships that sometime require extra attention.


Living with someone else can be an exciting thing, but it is not uncommon for even best friends to have problems sharing space. Issues around doing the dishes, cleaning up, respecting study time, and inviting people over can become points of conflict between roommates.  It is important to expect that disagreement will come up and critical to use good communication. 

In times of roommate conflict, remember that your roommate is made in the image of God. Take time to listen to their concerns and ask them what would resolve the issue. Try to seek reasonable compromise. If you and your roommate are struggling to get along, check out of counselling options.  

College Relationships

Dating in college can be a great way to meet people and having a boyfriend/girlfriend can truly be a blessing. In our modern society, it can also “be complicated” as we try to live out Christian values in a sea of current social norms. Every year we offer a small group study for both women and men that helps us center our closest relationships in Christ.  This includes dating, in a relationship, and in times when there are breakups as we ask “how does my action give glory to Christ?”   If you have specific relationship needs, check out of counselling options.