Iconic Village Fire Relief

In August, several Texas State student organizations hosted a Fire Benefit to help those affected by the Iconic Village Fire. The United Campus Ministry at Texas State is helping distribute collected items. Here's ways we can help you:

Donation Closet
Come visit the Iconic Village Fire Donation Closet filled with kitchen supplies, housewares, cleaning supplies, clothes and more. All items are free and available for you to simply take anything you need!

The donation closet is located in the downstairs of the United Campus Ministry building (across from the UAC bus stop, Tower dorm, and Jones Dining).  The closet is self-service and available when the UCM building is open. Our typical hours are Monday - Friday 9am-4pm and evenings on Sunday and Wednesday.


Disaster Relief Application
Based on available funds, individuals affected by the fires can apply with via our disaster relief application.
Click here to complete the form. 

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