The United Campus Ministry is an college ministry partnership at Texas State University welcoming all students in the love of Christ. We rely on the generousity of individuals, partner churches and grant agencies to help us in ministry.  Our partner churches include: 

Here's how YOU can help:

Pray for Texas State students to answer God’s calling in their life. During the academic and professional preparations for their lives, we seek to help students understand how the Holy Spirit is active in their lives and how they can share Christ throughout their vocations.

Connect with Texas State students to be a friendly local face. Come eat lunch Mondays 12noon at the UCM to meet students, attend special events like football tailgates and prayer picnic in the park, and join us for worships on Sunday evening. Students appreciate someone who will listen, care, and meet them where they are in life!

Support student-led college ministry with financial help that allows students to express their faith while engaging peers in relevant and transformative ways. A personal gift of $21 per month, a Sunday School support of a student mission trip costs, or a yearly church mission line item of $250, $1,250, or even $5,000 builds the church’s future today. Click here for online giving.

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The United Campus Ministry is a ministry partnership of the United Methodist, Presbyterian, Disciples of Christ, and United Church of Christ churches.  And while we are incredibly blessed to be supported by such great partners in ministry, we welcome all students regardless of their affiliation with one of these four denominations.