August 2017  
Today's Events


Sanctuary: Christ Chapel Worship
11:45 AM to 12:30 PM
Retreats + Activities

Fun and friendship is an important life of ministry together at the United Campus Ministry.  We offer several ways for students to take a break, to play together, and to develop authentic life-long friendships.

Special Events 

In the middle of study and work, we offer a time to relax and have fun! The UCM enjoys local hikes and nature trips, goes to the movies, solves escape room together, takes trip to San Antonio and Austin, checks out concerts and live music and more! 

UCM Retreats

Each semester the UCM offers a weekend retreat that allows students to take a break in a bueatiful place away from it all.  Unlike most retreats, our retreats have no structured schedule. This allows us to let go of our schedules and simply be present to God and one another.  

Emmaus Spritual Retreat

The Walk to Emmaus is a three-day weekend retreat for students who would like to grow spiritually and build their faith and discipleship with fellow Christians of all ages. For almost all, it is a very meaningful religious weekend (full of prayer, meditation, fun, fellowship, study, special worship opportunities, daily communion, etc.). To attend the Walk, you must be sponsored by someone who has been on the Walk, and members of the UCM Emmaus community stand ready to sponsor you (all you have to do is ask).